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Hood of Locksley

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ABOUT ME: I'm Derek, a 27 year old, life long writer, who has a Bachelor's in Arts & Science (Majored in English, Minored in History and Theater Arts). I'm actively involved with the fan fiction community, when I'm not working on my own original fiction. Particularly horror, mystery, science fiction and fantasy stories top my list.

My inspirations: Joss Whedon, Film Noir, the Robert E. Howard's Conan and Solomon Kane books, and Arthurian Lore.

**All Gifs Posted on my Sidebar and within have been found via Photobucket.com, Gifsoup.com and Tumblr through their individual search engines. All credit goes to their creators.**

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adventure, allan a dale, alternate worlds, amy adams, angel coulby, arthur pendragon, barbossa/elizabeth, black pearl, bonnie bennett, brothers grimm, camelot, candice accola, cara, caroline forbes, daenerys targaryen, dastan, diana meade, elizabeth swann, emilia clarke, emma swan, emma watson, enchanted, eva green, evanna lynch, evil!morgana, fairytale world, fairytales, faye chamberlain, freya, game of thrones, gemma arterton, ginnifer goodwin, giselle, grimm, guinevere, guy of gisborne, gwen/lancelot, happily ever after, harry potter, harry/luna, hermione granger, jennifer connelly, jennifer morrison, jessica parker kennedy, joanne froggatt, jonas armstrong, kahlan amnell, karen gillan, kate of locksley, katerina graham, katie mcgrath, keira knightley, king arthur, kinky outfits, lady morgana, lancelot, laura donnelly, legend of the seeker, lucy griffiths, luna lovegood, luna/harry, mad hatter, maid marian, melissa glaser, merlin, merlin/gwen, merlin/morgana, michelle ryan, mistress cara, modern-day, mord'sith, mord-sith, morgan le fey, morgana, morgana le fey, morgana/merlin, mother confessor, mr. gold, mr. gold/emma, natalie portman, nimueh, nottingham, obi-wan kenobi, obi-wan/padme, olivia wilde, once upon a time, padme, phoebe tonkin, pirates of the caribbean, prince of persia, red riding hood, regina mills, robin hood, robin of locksley, robin/kate, ruby, rumpelstiltskin, rumpelstiltskin/red riding hood, rumpelstiltskin/ruby, secret circle, sharon taylor, shelley hennig, sheriff graham, sheriff of nottingham, sheriff/emma, sherwood forest, sir guy of gisburne, snow white, sparrabeth, star wars, stefan salvatore, stefan/bonnie, stefan/caroline, storybrooke, tamina, tamina/dastan, teresa palmer, the evil queen, the secret circle, the vampire diaries, tv fanfiction, vampire diaries, vampires, werewolves, white queen, witches